Samarasa! What’s Next: yoga, adventures, & trainings podcast

Samarasa is all about balance! Balancing all the good things so you can live your best life on your terms. Yoga, adventures, trainings, and SAYING YES!

    Samarasa! What’s Next: yoga, adventures, & trainings podcast
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Welcome to Samarasa! What‘s next? Yoga, adventures, trainings, and sharing stories.
Jan 6th, 2022 by Samarasa Yoga, Adventures, & Trainings at 9:45 am

Welcome to Samarasa! - What's Next?

We are your hosts, Catie & Lakia, and we are so excited to share this podcast with you. 

Join us as we travel around the world (virtually) and meet some very amazing people who are  living their best lives. 

Samarasa is a Sanskrit word that describes harmony - as we share stories about how we got here (yoga teachers, studio owners, adventure lovers, and lifelong learners), stories from folks all over who love living life joyfully and how saying YES to themselves has made all the difference. 

If you would like to support the creation of this podcast, gain access to EXCLUSIVE content, details on our upcoming retreats and information on trainings visit 

To chat with Catie on social media @HarmonyHealthVB or on the web

To chat with Lakia on social media @YogaWithLakia or on the web 

Come away with us: Iceland Retreat 

Thanks for tuning in, Catie & Lakia 

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