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Veteran’s Day Conversation with Catie and Maggie
Nov 10th, 2019 by HarmonyHealth at 9:18 am

Welcome back to Level Up with Harmony Health. 

Today's podcast conversation is focused on Veteran's Day, military experience and how yoga fits in.  We also delve into how yoga can help with PTSD, stress, anxiety and depression - both for our veteran's and anyone who may experience these things for one reason or another. 

Let's talk with military veterans, Catie and Maggie, about their time in service and yoga.
Did you know that Harmony Health owner and lead teacher spent 4 years in the United States Navy? Maggie, one of our newest team members, spent 5 years in the U.S. Army. Tune in to this months conversation to hear more about their active duty time and how yoga has become such a big part of each of their lives.

We hope you enjoy and welcome any comments or feedback here in the podcast, email, by phone 757-563-3075, or in the studio.  

Thanks for listening!

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